SEO Audit – The Foundation Of Search Engine Optimisation

An SEO audit is the first step, or the foundation of search engine optimisation. Without a fully functioning and SEO friendly website, all other activities, such as link building, may be pointless.

An audit of your website will deliver insight on technical aspects as well as content and layout recommendations. After all, ranking well in search engines is great – but your website should also have a clear message and a call to action. Better rankings only help your business if your website visits turn into enquiries.

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Technical Audit

There are many technical aspects that are often neglected, or even unknown to web designers but can have a big impact on search engine rankings. For example, redirects and indexation settings, duplicate content and image attributes, page load speed, and much more.

Content Audit

Your website needs to have sufficient and relevant content describing the services you offer, and each product or service should be described on a dedicated page. I will recommend a website structure to best organise content on your website to ensure we can target relevant keywords.

Keyword Research & Mapping

We need to determine which search phrases, or keywords, have the highest search volume. These keywords will then be mapped to different pages on your website.

Competitor Analysis

I will look at your 3 main competitors to see where they are ranking for your main keywords and provide useful insights on backlink metrics and citation flow.

Online Marketing Strategy

The audit will also include recommendations for your online marketing activities moving forward. These recommendations will consider your individual business requirements and goals, as well as your personal preferences and your budget.